Life is tough, Life is Busy…

Life is Beautiful, But it’s not Easy…

Not really poetic but isn’t it true?!

As the world is progressing, life is becoming more and more complex. Tight schedules and tough deadlines have become the reality. We are so much engrossed in achieving some goal or the other that we tend to forget that life is meant to be lived.

Our busy schedules rarely permit us to have spare time or ‘Me’ time. Remember when was the last time when you had no job to finish, nothing that needed to be done right away, nothing that couldn’t wait. Best feeling in the world really…

We may not realize but this spare time is the best gift that we can get from the lifestyle that we lead. However, when this gift actually knocks our door, we can’t really comprehend what to do with it. We have become so accustomed to do something productive all the time that our mind usually does not entertain the thought of doing something fruitless for a change. Then we ask ourselves, “What do I do now, when I’ve got nothing to do.”

The answers are simple. Some would wonder…. “Why do we need a blog to tell us this thing…” But trust me when I say this; we do need someone to tell us. So here’s a few things that you can do when you have your very own free time….

Take a Nap:

636012692671121817897527672_nap-time-lYeah you read it right. Sleep, Snooze, Doze… That’s really the first thing that comes to mind when there’s nothing else to think of. A short 15 to 20 minutes nap is the best way to pass time as well as rejuvenate your mind, thereby relieving it off some stress that we keep giving it. It does not hurt to doze off and forget about everything for a while. So next time you have some time, hit the bed for some refreshment.

Make a Snack:

hqdefaultThere’s nothing better than finger licking, mouth-watering goodies to munch upon during your free time. And what’s better than to make them yourselves rather than nibbling the store bought calories loads. So throw on an apron, put on some music and get cooking. (For instance, try this yummy recipe here) Now you don’t really need to be an expert here. Make a guide out of your internet and get going.

Read a Long-Lost Book:

  • stack_of_booksRemember that book that used to be your all time favourite? It’s been a while since you’ve seen it, hasn’t it? Now that you have nothing to do, go to that bookshelf and find the book. With that you will be able unlock many beautiful memories associated with the story and of course cherish the book world which will definitely be a relaxing experience.

Organize the Wardrobe:

organized-wardrobeSounds like work, doesn’t it? But sometimes, engaging yourself in such mundane jobs that do not require any specific thought process is the one of the best ways to spend your spare time. Play some peppy music and dance your heart out while cleaning your wardrobe. Not only will it refresh you, but also will help you to finish the task that you had been putting off for the last God-Knows- How-Many days…

Browse through Old Pictures and Videos:

unnamedThere is nothing better than relieving those moments. May it be your BFF’s birthday or your high school reunion…? Watching old photos and videos has the capability of making you laugh and cry at the same time. The thoughts in your mind can range from “See how I dressed in those days!!!” to “He was never good at clicking pictures!!” and “Look… I had forgotten that she even existed!!!” Wonderful… Do you agree?

Catch up on Your Favourite Sitcom:

friends-tv-showBusy with work? Who has 45 minutes to spend on some TV Series? But when there is nothing to do? Let’s watch some TV… Or just turn on your computer and watch the last few episodes that you missed… Of course if it a series like “F.R.I.E.N.D.S” (my personal favourite) you watch and re-watch it hundreds of times until you know all the dialogues even before they’re said…

Make a Few Calls:


Oh no! Not your business calls. Call your friends or someone from your family… Chat with them… See if they are free… and just meet up…. Invite them over to your place, play some games, sing a few songs, order some pizzas and just let your hair down…. Your spare time just registered itself in some of the best times of your life…

Click Some Pictures:

smartphone-photgrapherHave a Smartphone? Well then you’re a photographer. Use your phone to click pictures of anything and everything around you… Your garden, the backyard, the flowers, the leaves, your pet, and when everything is done, yourself….. So then next time when you have spare time, you use these pictures to remember what you did the last time…


Is there something better in your mind? Add it in the comment section! Also leave a comment if these tips helped you relish your ‘Me Time’ better! 🙂