Picture this…. You get a message from the bank saying that your account has been credited by xxx amount. You go to the ATM, withdraw some of it and put it in your wallet. Fast forward a few days, you open your wallet and find only a few notes in it…. Few more days later but much before the month ends, you check your account balance and even that is not what you expected….

Then you wonder…!!!!

Where on earth did all that money go….???????????

What  exactly happened to it…..????????

Let’s try to find some answers, shall we?

Dipped in your daily beverage:

A man holding tea- and coffee-filled mugs over an office table

Most people don’t realize, but a fairly large chunk of their money is spent on daily doses of tea or coffee. Even if you consume most of it off the coffee-machine in your office, you do not hesitate to buy more of it for any reason… So may it be your catch-up with friends or outdoor business meet, your tea or coffee is drinking your money…


Hung up in your mobile phone:


Our mobile phones have become more important to us than our right arm. And these things do not come for free… (Unless you’re using JIO of course, but let us not lose focus) Okay so your monthly talk-time and internet recharge is one of the major money thieves that you encounter every month…. And of course it is something that you can’t avoid these days…


Hanging out with the Cafe’ Owner:


Yeah that’s right…. While you are busy hanging out with your friends, your money is happily hanging out with the owner of the cafe that you are sitting at. The tempting ambience (not really the food) is something that makes you part ways with your money without a second thought….



Snuggled in your shopping cart:


Online or in Malls, the so-called shopping for day-to-day items rapidly turns into a major shopping spree right before your eyes… And you feel absolutely helpless… You end up buying stuff that you don’t really require just because “it’s there”… On top of it, if you are using any mode of electronic payment, then you don’t even realise how much you have spent…



Carting away with contributions:


Every month there is something or the other that you have to contribute to. The neighborhood get-together, a colleague’s birthday, random snack attack or the local charity, these contributions slowly and steadily contribute towards reducing the money in your pocket.




Lost in the Long Drives:


Just imagine the beautiful weather, the picturesque landscape, the cool breeze in your hair and the peaceful state of mind… Doesn’t it feel awesome to go on long drives…? Now come back to reality and look at the fuel indicator of your vehicle…. How does it feel now??? Gone are a few more bucks down your fuel tank….

These are only a few directions in which our money runs… It is extremely important that we keep a watch on it while it does so… Most of the times it is easily possible to get hold of the situation and keep it under tabs…

Experiencing the same thing? Let us know in the comment section….