It’s Rangpanchami….. The festival of Colours…. We eagerly wait for this time of the year, when we can let go off all our worries and enjoy to our heart’s content…. Rangpanchami brings along the fun, frolic and entertainment with it…. Larger than life celebrations of this colourful fiesta have become the new cool… The advent of Holi and Rangpanchami events marks the wave of enthusiasm about this festival in the younger generation….

The Rangpanchami picture in our mind is set… Pink, Green and Yellow colours, Water-filled barrels, Sweet Gujiyas and the Refreshing Thandai… Team these up with friends, family, some grooving music and your Festival of Colours turns out to be even more vibrant….

But have we ever stopped to think WHY….???

Why do we celebrate this festival at this time of the year….???

Why do we throw colours and water on each other..??

Why do we drink the Thandai…??

What’s with the music…??

Is it just for fun….?? Or is there significance to all these things…??

Let’s find out……….

The Timing:


There could not have been a better moment for this colour-n-water fiesta than the end of chilling winters and beginning of the delightful spring season… Also, this is the season when the fields are ready to be harvested and in the olden times, this was the perfect occasion for the farmers to rejoice and indulge themselves in fun-filled activities…

The Colours:


Traditionally, the colours used for playing Rangpanchami were made from the “Palash” or “Tesu” flowers…. When soaked in warm water overnight, these flowers exude their natural colours, which are completely organic and free from toxins…. These colours are capable of relieving the body of skin ailments, making it more healthy and nourished… The convenient alternative here is to at least go for the organic colours available in the market instead of the synthetic ones…. (Try this Non-Toxic Colour Gel or this Herbal Gulal)

The Water:


The climate at the Rangpanchami time is somewhere between being too cold and too hot… Ideally, the water which is to be thrown on each other is to be kept in the sun for some time before using… The sun-rays are said to infuse the water with vital nutrients which help to rejuvenate our body and keep it free from heat problems during the scorching summers…. Although now-a-days, in the light of water shortage and droughts, it is ideal to avoid excessive use of water and opt for dry Rangpanchami….

The Thandai:


This concoction of milk, dry-fruits and spices is a nutritious blend that helps to keep our body cool during the hot summer days…. It revitalizes us and works perfectly well as an energy booster… It is extremely useful to improve our immune system and remain healthy during the summers… At the time of Rangpanchami, this Thandai is infused with bhang, which turns it into an intoxicating, alcoholic beverage… However, minus the bhang, thandai is truly a health drink for all… (Get our Delicious Thandai Recipe on  Thandai – A Rangpanchami Classic)

The Music:


Rangpanchami and Holi come at that time of the year when we tend to feel a bit lazy and tired due to the climatic changes ranging from blazing hot in the day as opposed to breezy and cold in the evenings. The stimulating music played during this time helps to overcome this feeling of lethargy…. The energizing music makes way for brisk body movements, thereby leaving us feeling refreshed….

Now you know how our ancestors were truly intellectual people, who designed most of our customs and traditions according to their scientific significance…. And of course we are grateful them for making this Holi and Rangpanchami festival such a fun-filled and enjoyable experience….

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