The hottest time of the year is around the corner. Summer season has arrived and we have already started feeling the heat. The Sun has turned up its brightness level up to a point where it has become difficult for us to endure it. Air Conditioners and Coolers are suddenly in more demand than ever before. Oh! And so are trees for parking vehicles.

This is the story of every year!

Let’s go for something new this time…

This sizzling season, SpareTimeTreats is getting you a complete summer package in its special edition, “Beat the Heat – with SpareTimeTreats”

A combination of various summer treats like recipes, fashion, health care and much more, STT is bringing for you a truck-load of information that will be helpful to make your summers interesting as well as tolerable… From refreshing drinks to summer specialities, there’s going to be everything here that you ever wanted during the hot days….

So be prepared to beat the 2017 heat with these glorious gifts brought to you by SpareTimeTreats…

Let’s start this journey with our first treat:

 Mintomato Refresher – A Cooling Mint and Tomato Drink