New one from our “Beat the Heat” series!

Summer is at its advent and we have already started experiencing the heat.  It’s hot when we go out and it’s hot when we decide to stay at home. And on top of it, you can imagine the plight during a power cut, which is not really unusual.

So, here are 10 tricks that will help you to keep cool during these hot times…

Drink LOT of Water:


This will regulate your body temperature and will help to prevent dehydration caused by sweating.

Wear the Right Clothes:


Loose fitting and light coloured clothes are choices of the season. Use airy fabrics like cotton and linen instead of synthetics to keep you comfortable.

Avoid Spicy and Oily Food:


Eating spicy and oily food in the hot weather causes higher metabolism which makes you feel hotter and unpleasant. Refreshing and light food is the way to go.

Take a ‘Talc-n-Deodorant’ Shower:

Not literally of course! But using considerable quantities of Talc and a tad smaller amount of deodorant on your body after the shower will go a long way in keeping you feeling fresh and sweat-free for most of the day.

Tie your Hair up:


This one’s for all those girls who like to let their hair down. Tie your hair up in a ponytail or a bun to avoid feeling hot and sticky in the heat.

Cool your Pulse Points:


Putting cold water on your pulse points such as wrists, ankles and neck will bring your body temperature right down and make you feel cooler naturally.

Dampen your Curtains:


Use a spray bottle to squirt cold water on your window curtains and keep them drawn. When you turn on the ceiling fan, these damp curtains will help to cool down circulating air.

Rosewater Eye-patch:


Drowse two cotton pieces in cold rosewater, keep those on your eyes and lie down for some time. This has a cooling effect on your eyes and reduces irritation caused by sun and heat. Bonus?! It reduces your dark circles too.



Keep your bed sheets in the freezer for some time before going to bed. You can also us damp sheets as covers while sleeping. Combined with fan or coolers, these cool sheets will help to you get a good night sleep even without an air conditioner.

Chill-out with a Chillow:


A “Chillow” is cooling pad that can be kept between your pillow and your head while sleeping. It not only gives a soothing and comforting effect, but also keeps you away from headaches and fevers caused due to summer heat. Get your very own chillow for a cool sleep…

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